Tomato growth cover

Tomatotube is a high quality growth sleeve for tomato plants. Like the other growth sleeves, it will protect your tomatoes from bad weather and cold. This cover is pierced, which will avoid any greenhouse effect. Also, links will close the film at the top of the tomato plant.
Made in France 50µ UV Polyethylene


Growth sleeve with ties, in yellow perforated film.
Allows the growth and protection of tomato plants by creating a micro climate.
Protects from cold and bad weather.
Usable in spring and fall.
Avoid diseases and reduce treatments.


50µ LDPE film sheath; perforated.
Flat width of 1m over a length of 10m.
Allows you to make 6 ducts with a diameter of 60 cm x 1.50 m.
Anti-UV treated, reusable for several years.
Links included.
Made in France.


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