Extendable wooden trellis, to decorate a wall or trellis plants

For this Trelliwood wood lattice, there are several options available. Made of coniferous wood, it will wear out over time, acquiring a very aesthetic aged color. You can customize it by painting it the color you want. Trelliwood: an expandable and customizable support.

The Sustainable Tip

Almost all of our wood products have the FSC® certificate, which guarantees their origin from sustainable exploitation forests, a guarantee of ecosystem preservation. In this way, we ensure that the wood we buy not only meets environmental standards, but also social and economic standards.


Extendable lattice to be fixed on a wall to decorate or support trellis plants. Over time, the color becomes duller, acquiring a very aesthetic aged patina. It can be stained or varnished to protect it from moisture.


Cunnighamia Lanceolata wood slats. Made with FSC® certified wood Slats width: 18mm x 6mm thick and slats width: 23mm x 7mm thick.

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22 x 6 mm 25 x 25 mm 23 x 7 mm 18 x 6 mm 18 x 6 mm

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