Special landscaping mulch fabric

The AGROSOL mulching canvas is the most effective way to obtain healthy plants without much maintenance. This European manufacture canvas is of professional quality: made of Polypropylene 120 g/m², green with brown horizontal stripes every 25 cm to guide you when planting. The AGROSOL mulching canvas is particularly recommended if you have sloping ground: it will hold the earth and limit erosion. It is important to attach this canvas firmly to the ground using the metal staples. 4-year UV protection guarantee.
Warranty 4 years Made in Europe 120 g/m2 UV Water pervious Polypropylene


A high quality mulch. Increased mechanical strength. 4-year UV protection guarantee. Made in Europe. Cuts down on watering and maintains moisture at the foot of the plants, avoids the chore of weeding.


Fabric woven in green / black polypropylene. Heavy-duty quality: 120 g/m². Green with brown horizontal stripes every 25 cm.

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