Weed control mesh

The WEEDSOL mulching canvas is an effective way to obtain healthy plants, virtually maintenance free. This canvas of European manufacture is 90 g/m², and is available in green or brown with horizontal green stripes every 15 cm to guide you with your planting. It is important to attach this canvas to the ground using the metal staples. 2-year UV protection guarantee.
Made in Europe 90 g/m2 UV Avoid weed growth Water pervious Polypropylene


The strength of the NORTENE brand: High quality mulch which is very good value for money.
2-year UV protection guarantee.
Made in Europe.
Cuts down on watering and maintains moisture.
Avoids the chore of weeding.


Fabric woven in green / black and brown / black polypropylene.
90 g/m².
Horizontal green planting stripes every 15 cm.

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