Mulching fabric

Mineral mulch helps protect the plants in your garden, while adding a decorative touch. In order to avoid the growth of weeds, it is advisable to install a mulching sheet underneath. With the intention of limiting its visibility and integrating it more into the natural environment, we have developed Nortene mulching fabric in two tones: black reminiscent of slate mulch and white reminiscent of gravel or marble pebbles. Let your imagination run wild and create an elegant landscape design in your garden!
90 g/m2 UV Avoid weed growth Water pervious Polypropylene


Prevents the growth of weeds. Reduce watering. Excellent water retention. Thermal protection of young plants. Promotes soil life. UV treated for long lasting placement. Its manufacturing technology gives it very good mechanical resistance.


100% polypropylene woven fabric. 100% recyclable. Weight: 90g/m². Anti-UV treated.

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