Mini greenhouse for seedlings

The Rapid Grow Seedling Mini Greenhouse accelerates the growth of seedlings so they can be planted faster in the ground. You can install a dozen mini-pots inside this greenhouse which has a central ventilation on its cover.
Made in Europe UV Heat holder HELPS GROWTH Polypropylene


Allows the sowing of vegetable or flower plants in optimum conditions.
2 sizes suitable for demanding gardeners.
Its window on the top allows ventilation and prevents excess humidity. Tips: Use only potting soil, not garden soil. Moisten regularly. Place in daylight, not in direct sunlight. Aerate regularly.


Lid and tray in Polypropylene.
Tray: 24x38 cm height 6 cm.
Lid: 24x38 cm, height 13 cm.
Frost resistant.
Colors: black / transparent.

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