Set of 3 mini greenhouses for window with tray

Are you running out of space to plant and grow your seedlings? Windows Kit is a mini-greenhouse specially designed to be placed on a window sill. Your seedlings will see their growth accelerate and all this in a small space so as not to waste space: Practical and efficient!
Made in Europe UV Heat holder HELPS GROWTH Polypropylene


With the 3 small greenhouses of the window kit, it is possible to grow several types of flowers or vegetables. The saucer format is ideally sized for window sills. Trays pierced to avoid excess humidity and tray for maintenance. Ventilation on the top.


Lots of 3 small mini greenhouses with ventilation. Polypropylene resistant to UV and frost. Dimensions: Each mini greenhouse: 22 x 17.5 x 13 cm Tray: 66x18x9 cm. Colors: green / transparent.

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