Decorative PP trellis

For partitioning a terrace or for horizontal installation to enclose low walls. Anti-UV treated, maintenance-free, durable. Attached to the wall, forms an elegant decorative trellis to support climbing plants.
Made in Spain Can be sawed UV Polypropylene

The Sustainable Tip

We manufacture all plastic decorative trellis using a single polymer. Thanks to that they can be 100% recycled when you decide to change them. You just have to take them to your nearest recycling center.


A design trellis and all its accessories. To be installed on the terrace in a vertical position. To be installed on a low wall, in a horizontal position. To fix on a wall as decoration or trellis. It allows you to create magnificent light effects. Very long lifespan (minimum 10 years). Without any maintenance.


Made with injected PP resin. Available in different colors: white, rust, or anthracite, with a metallic effect. Tinted in the mass. 1 x 2 m model can be easily cut in all directions Warranty: White colour: 3 years * Rust colour: 2,5 years * Antracite colour: 2,5 years * *Considering 160 Kilolangleys (kL) / year


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22 x 6 mm 25 x 25 mm 23 x 7 mm 18 x 6 mm 18 x 6 mm

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150 cm 200 cm 120 cm 100 cm 60 cm 300 cm 1000 cm 50 cm 61 cm 83 cm 30 cm 42 cm 48 cm 35 cm 36 cm 41 cm 38 cm 40 cm 33 cm

6.5 cm 30 cm 0.5 cm 1 cm 1.3 cm 1.4 cm 1.2 cm 3.5 cm 3 cm 2 cm 1.5 cm 24 cm 6 cm

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